Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program Cnic Check & Online Registration 2024

On May 1st, 2021 Former Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a great initiative for the laborers named “Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program.” It started during the pandemic of COVID when citizens lost their jobs. It promised to give a monthly stipend of rupees 14000 to families earning below 25000. 

You can register online for this by visiting the 8171 web portal. First, check your eligibility to see if your income is below 25000 then apply there. Enter your ID card number and your status will pop up on the screen within seconds. To further proceed visit the nearest e-center along with all required documents. 

Applying method for ehsaas labour nadra gov pk & Mazdoor Kaa Ehsaas Program

The registration will be completed there, and you will start getting a monthly 14000. It signifies an opportunity to break free from the cycle of uncertainty. It somehow builds stability in society. It is a ray of hope for the lives of the laborers. If you are needy then the government has also announced an interest-free loan program. You can apply for it after verifying your eligibility.

8171 Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program 2024

In the hustle and bustle of life, we are ignoring our heroes who have been the nation’s backbone. They are building cities, crafting new arts, and trying their best to stabilize the country. We are talking about the laborers who are hardly earning their income. 

To help them, the government added the 4th category in the Ehsaas Kafalt Program through ehsaas labour nadra gov pk, which is the “Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas” program. Under this program, 14000 rs will be given to labor families who are earning below 25000 rupees. 

PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced a 75 Billion budget for this scheme. This money is used to facilitate the poor. It is just a step to transfer their lives and give them a good education. Ultimately this program helps society to lift together.

If you want to receive a stipend of 14000 from Ehsaas Program 8171 apply today. Visit the 8171 web portal. There you can check the online status of your application and register online for the Mazdoor Ka 8171 Ehsaas Program. It is the recognition and dignity you rightfully deserve.

Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program Online Apply 2024

Ehsaas programs have stood as a gateway to empowerment and change for the labor force of Pakistan. To get benefit from it you must register yourself for it first. Eligible individuals can register by following these simple steps:

  • This program follows an online portal especially designed for laborers, “Ehsaas Labor Portal” where you can apply. 
  • Click on the 8171 web portal.
  • There enter your ID card number to check online.
  • Press enter and your status will be shown on the screen.
  • Proceed to the next step according to the mentioned guidelines. 

You will be selected for the Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program after the verification process by the Ehsaas team. Following successful verification, eligible laborers are officially enrolled in the program. Then you become eligible to receive the monthly stipend of 14 Rs

Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Program Eligibility Criteria

Through the ehsaas labour portal portal, the Government of Pakistan offers a ray of hope to those in need. It gives 14000 rupees to people facing economic crises. The program is very concerned with helping families with low income. They want to give aid to only the deserving. For this, there is an eligibility criterion to be followed by beneficiaries,

Eligibility Criteria

  • People engaged in manual labor and loading tasks.
  • Those who work as drivers in private capacities.
  • Citizens who manage their own businesses or freelance activities
  • Laborers who earn wages on a daily basis
  • Families with limited financial means of less than 25000 rs
  • Those adversely affected by the pandemic’s economic fallout
  • Individuals who depend on daily income
  • People who independently earn a livelihood
  • Those currently unemployed
  • Individuals face challenges in generating consistent income

Ineligibility Criteria

  • People who have reliable income streams.
  • Those whose annual income surpasses a defined limit
  • Individuals employed by the government.
  • People with incomplete or misleading application data.

Ehsaas Labour Program App

Other than financial support, the government also provides digital ease to the beneficiaries. Introducing you to the Ehsaas Labour app that is for your ease. The app has a very simple interface. It ensures that people with a limited sense of technology easily use this.

You are allowed to register yourself via this app online. Just be sure to provide the valid data. The app serves as a platform for beneficiaries to receive program-related updates. This way you will have all the new information. You can download the app from the Play Store. Once installed add a username and get yourself registered today.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Registration

For more ease, you will be allotted a Mazdoor card. Once you have this it will help you to easily get the money. Access the Labour portal, and apply for registration. : Fill in the required personal information, such as your name, contact details, address, and National Identity Card (NIC) number. Add all other details like family, and employment details. Enter this information. 

After verification, you will be registered. Then you will be issued a Punjab Mazdoor Card. This card serves as proof of your registration and eligibility for various benefits

Benefits of the Punjab Mazdoor Card

  • Access to Welfare Initiatives
  • Financial Support
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Skill Development
  • Educational Support


To contact the staff dedicated to the Mazdoor program you can follow this phone number.

PH# 0800-00018


You can apply online for Ehsaas Mazdoor Card from the Labour app.

To get the latest information and for registration for the Mazdoor program, the 8171 web portal is designed.


The Ehsaas Mazdoor Program is for citizens earning below 25000. They will be given a monthly stipend of 14000 Rs. You can apply for this program from the web portal. Also, enter CNIC to check online from the 8171 web portal. The card given to you will also be very beneficial for you. This is a promise of assistance, empowerment, and a responsive government that stands by its citizens.