Ehsaas Saving Wallets CNIC Online Registration 2024

Pakistan is facing a high level of poverty as we know 30% of the population is living below the poverty line. People from underprivileged areas lacked access to formal financial services. It left many people with limited options for savings, transactions, and financial security. Women, in particular, often faced challenges in accessing and controlling financial resources. 

Keeping in view these points, the government of Pakistan has launched the Ehsaas Program which aims to alleviate poverty. The development of the Ehsaas Savings Wallets within this program can be seen as a response to these challenges. It is especially for women who have limited resources and are struggling with life. 

Method To Apply For Wallet Of Ehsaas Saving

Ehsaas Savings Wallets 2024

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan is very kind-hearted and concerned for the people of Pakistan. His kindness made him start a great initiative named “Ehsaas Saving Wallets.” On Monday 2019, in Islamabad, he announced this program for 7 million poor women. It is mainly for those who are registered with the Ehsaas Kafalat program.

During the launch event, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited an Ehsaas Kafalat payment site, where the Ehsaas Savings Wallets (Ehsaas Bachat Accounts) were officially introduced. His presence not only symbolized political commitment but also showed his love for people.

Before this powerful initiative, one guiding force has been Dr. Sania Nishtar, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Security and Poverty Alleviation. As a well-known expert in social security and poverty alleviation, she efficiently designed these programs. Her leadership not only contributes to the success of the Ehsaas Savings Wallets Program but also underscores the government’s commitment to life.

METHOD TO APPLY FOREhsaas Saving Wallets Online

If you are a beneficiary of the Ehsaas Kafalat Program and wish to open an Ehsaas Saving Wallet, the process is simplified. Follow these steps:

Visit the Bank

When you visit the bank for the transaction of your Kafalat stipend, inquire about opening a new Ehsaas Saving Wallet account.

Provide Basic Information

The bank staff will request basic information, which may include your name, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, and contact details.

Complete the Process

After providing the required information, the bank will facilitate the opening of your new Ehsaas Saving Wallet account.

Receive Account Details

You will be provided with the necessary account details and information on how to access and use your Wallet.

Access Financial Services

Your account can be used for various financial transactions, including receiving your Kafalat stipend, making withdrawals, saving money, and conducting other financial activities.

Empowering Beneficiaries with Versatile Financial Services

This program is not about providing a secure place to save money; but about equipping beneficiaries with a comprehensive financial guide. 

Balance Inquiry

Beneficiaries can easily check the balance in their savings wallets, keeping them informed about their financial resources at all times.

Cash In and Cash Out

The ability to deposit and withdraw cash through these wallets offers unmatched convenience. Beneficiaries can handle their cash grants and other financial transactions directly from their wallets.

Funds Transfer from Ehsaas Kafaalat to Mobile Accounts

This feature streamlines the process of transferring funds from the Kafaalat program to mobile accounts linked to the Ehsaas Saving Wallets. 

Mobile Top-up

The Wallet enables beneficiaries to top up their mobile phone credits directly through the wallet. 

Utility Bill Payments

The convenience of paying utility bills through the wallet empowers beneficiaries to manage their household expenses efficiently. 

Money Transfers

Beneficiaries can easily transfer money to other individuals or accounts through their Savings Wallet of Ehsaas

Aims of Ehsaas Saving Wallets

By offering a digital solution that is accessible, user-friendly, and secure, the Ehsaas Savings Wallets were designed to:

  • It is designed to empower marginalized areas, especially women by offering them a convenient financial transaction platform.
  • It aims to reduce the delays and inefficiencies of assistance for those who are in need. 
  • It offers a range of banking services to individuals who previously had limited access to formal financial institutions.
  • Encourage financial literacy and responsible financial behavior among beneficiaries.
  • It creates many opportunities for individuals for economic empowerment. 

The savings wallet program was formed to address the societal challenges related to poverty, financial exclusion, and gender disparities in Pakistan. 

Limited Mandate Accounts

For the millions of Kafaalat beneficiaries in Pakistan, receiving much-needed cash grants has been a lifeline in the face of economic hardships. Recently it was distributed through Limited Mandate Accounts (LMA) after biometric verification.  However, the launch of the ‘Ehsaas Saving Wallets’ program represents a significant enhancement to the financial services available to these recipients.

The beauty of this initiative lies in its simplicity and continuity. Rather than replacing the existing LMA accounts, Ehsaas Saving Wallets are seamlessly linked to these accounts. This means that Kafaalat beneficiaries can continue to receive their cash grants as before, but in a more precise way.


Ehsaas Saving Wallets are like friendly helpers for people who need them most. These wallets make it easy to save money, pay bills, and even top up your phone. They’re part of the Bisp 8171 Ehsaas program, which is all about helping people and reducing poverty in Pakistan. With the support of leaders like Prime Minister Imran Khan and experts like Dr. Sania Nishtar, this program is making life better for many. It’s a reminder that even small changes can have a big impact.