Ehsaas Digital Youth Hubs (DYH) Registration 2024

Pakistan’s government has always tried to privilege the citizens with its kind acts.  It wants to see people flourishing in education, jobs, fun activities, health, security, and everything. Following the agenda, they developed a place on the internet where you can find everything you need. Just like a digital superstore, but much more than that. This is what Digital Hubs are doing.

These are on the window store where you can get information about all the current affairs ongoing in the country. You can get help from these hubs; for example, if you are a student and want to know about the latest scholarship schemes, PM Laptop Scheme, or any related information, directly approach Digital Hubs. Feel free to approach one if you want to know about the latest job information or anything related. 

We have made life simpler by gathering useful things in one spot. We set the system smartly by gathering the data in one place that ultimately helps you. So, digital youth hubs are there to assist if you want to learn something new, find a job, meet new friends, or join in good causes. 

Ehsaas Digital Youth Hubs (DYH) Registration

Roles and Benefits of Digital Hubs

Ehsaas Program has set up 500 special programs named digital youth hubs. These are giving information for programs like all Ehsaas Kafalat Programs. Most importantly, it is trying to stabilize students. This program is helping many citizens to access all the information easily. Following are the most prominent fields it is working. 

  • It gives registration and application information for all Youth Programs. 
  • These hubs are also like job finders. It shows you different jobs and helps you find the right one for you. It’s like having a job-search buddy online, making it easier to find work.
  • These are open 24/7, so you can visit them whenever you want. We are always ready to make your life more convenient. 
  • You can ask any question related to your field. Just think of your helpful friend and put your query for a rapid answer. 
  • It saves you time by putting everything you need in one place. Instead of searching all over the internet, you can find what you want quickly.

Government Digital Hubs

These hubs are running under the senior leadership, they make rules and help run a country. The government creates special online places called “Government Digital Youth Hubs.” These hubs are like websites or apps, but they are made by the government to help the people who live in the country. These hubs are there to make life easier for everyone in the country by providing important services.

Services it offers include all Ehsaas programs registration, like the Nashunuma Program, Loan Program, Ehsaas Scholarship of Students, Langar Program, Emergency Cash Program, and many others like the Kafalat program, You can check the last date of any program here, also register yourself online here. It makes it easy to connect with any of your programs.


Ehsaas Digital Youth Hubs are of significant importance as they compile all the Ehsaas Programs. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is working eagerly to make the lives of citizens easy. He launched many initiatives extending BIPS and Ehsaas Programs that will surely alleviate poverty one day. So make it easy for yourself and get to the nearest hub for help.