Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Online Registration 2024

Have you ever thought about the people who have lived a long, long time? I am talking about elderly people who face problems that make their days harder. To help them Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg Program started. It is a very kind step from PTI Chairman Imran Khan. This promised to give the amount of 2000 to people over the age of 65. 

If there is someone in your family who is over 65 years get them registered today at the 8171 portal. You need to check the eligibility but first fulfill the criteria. Then click on the 8171 web portal link below. You need to enter your CNIC for the online check. Enter the ID card number and your status will pop up on the screen in the blink of an eye. 

Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

If you get selected for the ehsaas program then you will start receiving 2000 in your bank. It is a step that is transforming the lives of people who are 65+ years old. This is the most prominent source of smiles and comfort for the people who crossed 65.

Ehsas Ba Himmat BUzurg Program 2024

Elderly people are the most frail and important part of the community. Usually, they are left alone and gone unnoticed. They are alone facing both physical and health issues. In these heart-shaking situations, The government of Pakistan stepped in with their remarkable action. They introduced us to the Ba Himmat Buzurg program, which aims to help poor elder citizens.

Ba Himmat Buzurg program announces a stipend of rupees 2000 to people who have crossed 65 years old. They can use this money to meet their daily requirements even if no one is to take after them. Elderly women are more preferred by the program. If any family has no elderly women, money will be given to the old man. Keep in notice that only 1 person is eligible from each family.

Ex-Chief Minister Usman Bazdar had announced the opening of this mighty program. He announced that Rs. 3 billion will be allocated for this Ehsaas program by the government. This aid is enough to treat 125 thousand people fairly. With time, the government will add new funds to save old age people.

steps for Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Online Registration

This program is designed to help the elderly who may be living their last moments. The government is trying to give them relief and comfort by allocating a stipend of rupees 2000 per month. But to be privileged you need to register with your CNIC. You can use online registration and also visit the physical offices for this. To register online follow these steps:

  • Click on the “8171 web portal” button below. 
  • Provide your identity card number. 
  • Grab your card and write a 13-digit CNIC number. 
  • When you press the enter button, within seconds you will get to know your online status.
  • Proceed further according to the given instructions.
  • This is the easiest way to register online with the NADRA number.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to registering for the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program through the 8171 web portal. Here I am adding a plus point that is, you can also check your online status with CNIC. Just follow the same process if you are not registered yet. It will tell the current status of the beneficiary.

Ba Himmat BUzurg Eligibility Criteria

The government is very concerned that this financial assistance is available to the deserving only. To mark the words they have set strict eligibility criteria for beneficiaries. This is not to restrict the citizens but to make sure that elderly people are reaping benefits. Hold tight because here we are going to discuss the points that make you eligible for this program. 

  • The very necessary thing is the age requirement, to be eligible applicants must be 65+ years old. 
  • Only the citizens of Pakistan are eligible especially one from Punjab.
  • Only financially vulnerable people can apply. They must be below 20 in the poverty line.
  • Must fill out the form carefully. 

If you are fulfilling all the criteria then welcome to this mankind program. Get warmth and live your life with dignity and surety of gracefulness.


Time to announce a piece of happy news for my readers. It is to tell you that the government has launched an app specific to this program. A question must have arisen in your mind, What will this app do? It is here to give you the ease that you are worthy of. 

After downloading the Buzurg app, sign in enter your details, and continue. Now you have the Ehsaas Center in your hands. With a few taps, you can do it without any effort. 

  • You can use it to register online. 
  • Check the online status with CNIC. 
  • To get the latest information and updates.
  • Contact the staff and ask them for help.

Most interestingly it is designed with an interface that is easy to use for all types of citizens. You can also shift the language from English to Urdu for your ease. Just make sure to enter all the data accurately before registering otherwise you will be rejected.

This is the same process followed in the Ehsaas One Window Program, which covers all 6 aspects of alleviating poverty.

how to check your Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg program money

Once you are registered and selected as the beneficiary of the Ehsaas Program you will be given a card known as “Ba Himmat Bazurg Card.” You will use it to get the money stipend. All you need to visit the nearest ATM. Use your card and enter the pin. This way you can get the money. Repeat the process each month for a 2 thousand rupees stipend. 

You can also check the current balance on your card. Recall the number you have registered for this program. With that number dial *707# with your CNIC. Now send an SMS, and it will show your current balance.

Program Center

To support the senior citizen government program is serving in many districts. It is trying to help the people nationwide and has planned to expand. For now, it has the centers in the following districts. 

  • Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore:
  • Faisalabad
  • Multan
  • Hyderabad
  • Sukkur
  • Quetta

With the program expanding to these places, it shows that the government cares about older people. They want to make sure older people are taken care of and have what they need.


Here is the contact information for the “Ba Himmat Buzurg Program” office in Lahore:

  • Address: 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore
  • Phone: 042-99232359-60
  • Working Hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

If you have any questions or need assistance related to the program, you can reach out to them during their working hours.

The Ehsaas Program is extended to further extended to help specifically all the citizens. One of those initiatives is BHB also known as the “Ba Himmat Buzurg Program.”

You need an Identity Card, proof of residence, and some other documents.

Yes, you can visit the office located at 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.


A lifeline program for elderly citizens in Pakistan is the Ehsaas Ba Himmat Buzurg Program. It is aimed at people above the age of 65 years. Once they are registered with the program they will start receiving monthly 2000 rupees. You can apply online from the 8171 web portal. Also, check CNIC online from the portal. To receive the money use the card allocated to you, it will surely make your life easy. Let us cherish and celebrate our elders together.